Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation (RPA) consists of automated software robots that performs tasks otherwise performed by organization’s employees. These robots save time and eliminate or reduce the need for human intervention to conduct time-consuming, repetitive, and monotonous tasks. With the adoption of RPA organisations can free employees for more rewarding and productive activities. Further the robots will function on a 24×7 basis, and with faster turnaround time thereby improving throughput, processing time, accuracy, and achieving overall cost reductions. With the advances in technology RPA solutions are increasingly capable of performing complex tasks while benefiting from artificial intelligence and learning.

Our approach is based on ITM’s extensive experience in business process management, we provide organisations with comprehensive end-to-end support in achiving benefits through robotic process automation. Working with an experienced team and a number of strategic partners we provide support to define RPA strategies through the implementation of RPA within the organization.

Through the RPA centre of excellence ITM assists organisations with their RPA journey and realise significant benefits.


ITM assists clients with:

RPA strategy

Definition of the strategy to be adopted associated with RPA together with the identification of specific processes suitable for automation

Support the compilation of business case

to demonstrate how RPA can deliver value to your organisation

Define the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

and Return on Investment (ROI) of RPA and Automation. Often it’s difficult to fathom the various components associated with the RPA journey and how the ROI is realised. Our methodology enables the clear identification of the key value realised and enable the ROI to be defined and in terminology easily understood by business leaders.

Design, development, testing and implementation

of the solution

Change management

to adopt the solution and integration within the organisation

Risk assessment, governance, security and audit of RPA

together with the associated policies and procedures

Measuring RPA success, and enable continuous improvements

to support the maturity of RPA

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