Process Mining

Process Mining is the process of discovering, analysing, monitoring, and improving business processes. The concept enables organisations to gain significant benefits including: reducing process costs, improved customer experience, shorten lead times, and identification of non-compliance.


Our approach focuses on not only extracting patterns from event logs, but comprehensive fact-gathering of the processes from documentation, people, and systems. Sysprove utilizes Process Mining tool Disco (from our partner Fluxicon, an organisation that is based in the Netherlands) to identify activities that are time-consuming, bottlenecks, and any deviation that may be hindering the processes and affecting process efficiency and effectiveness.

The results include

Eliminate Unwanted Steps
Within a Process

Faster Reaction to Process
Discrepancies & Violations

Better Controls

Standardized Processes &
Reduction in Variations

Higher Performance

Identify areas for training and
skills development

Decisions made on actual
process execution history

Reduced Time